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Mild Italian sausage $8/pkg or $7/pkg 2 or more

Pepperoni Hot & Mild $20/pkg

assorted Tanned sheep hides:

white, cream, browns, black, spotted

washable $200 each

regular tan $150

We have 5 alpaca's that are raised on our farm for their fibre. From very soft for yarn and coarse for felting to make insoles. They all have a purpose. 


  The beauty of Shetlands ~ they come in many colours. 11 main colours and 30 coat patterns. They have naturally short tails and easy lambing.    

Our Products:


From Our Farm to Your Plate

We do our utmost best to raise our sheep in a humane way. We follow the Sheep code of practice and Canadian Regulations.

 There comes a time when each sheep, ewe or ram, must cross the rainbow bridge. In so doing, we utilize all parts of the sheep, using the meat, hide and rams horns.  We give thanks for this provision.  

Sheep rugs


  • Shetland yarn & roving
  • Wool Batts
  • Shetland ewes & rams
  • Insoles & tanned hides
  • Alpaca yarn & roving
  • Meat & horns