Alpaca Roving

Beautiful, clean, soft roving ready for spinning or felting!

Insoles & horns

Made from a blend of alpaca and Shetland fleece. Warm and cozy in your boots or shoes

Rams for sale

6-18 month old purebred Shetland rams. Registered or not registered . Great for breeding stock.  Well mannered and beautiful fleece  Available in the Fall while supplies last.  See photo gallery for what is avaiable

Shetland Yarn

From lace to chunky all processed in Canada

Wool batts

A blend of local fibre; suffolk, Clun Forest, sheep crosses and more - great for felting, quilting, spinning...

Our Products  - all products processed in Canada supporting local businesses

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Shetland Roving

The beauty of Shetland is it comes in many colours and has many uses... great for felting projects, spinning, knitting... packaged in 20g samplers, 100 grams or more 

Alpaca Yarn

From lace weight to Lopi 

Ewes for sale

Purebred Shetland ewes, Registered through NASSA  see Photo gallery for what is available